Audrey Hepburn Month

If classic movies don’t appeal to you, you probably haven’t seen one featuring Audrey Hepburn. Her name has become synonymous with effortless elegance and grace. Her face has adorned countless dorm room walls and she’s inspired countless girls to have breakfast at Tiffany’s, only to discover there isn’t actually a place to brunch within the famed jewellery store.

TCM (every classic movie fan’s favourite channel) is honouring Ms. Hepburn every Monday this month and will be playing 18 of her films throughout June.

The Month of Audrey kicks off tonight with her first starring role – and the one that won her an Oscar. Roman Holiday is the story of a young European princess who decides to take a day off from her royal duties and is led on a sightseeing tour of Rome by Joe Bradley – an American reporter who thinks that the story of the runaway princess will be his ticket home to New York.

Audrey was so convincing in the role that her leading man, Gregory Peck, insisted her name be placed before his in the opening credits as she was surely going to win the Academy Award. Mr. Peck was correct.

Roman Holiday is a classic for a reason. It’s a funny and romantic tour through the Eternal City. We get to see Audrey Hepburn drive a runway Vespa and wield a guitar like a billy club. And when you’re watching look out for the moment at the Mouth of Truth – a moment where Gregory Peck pulled a prank on Audrey which resulted in a hilariously sweet moment of authenticity. It’s pretty meta if you think about it.

Another movie to watch out for in TCM’s June lineup is How to Steal a Million, which is coming up on June 18. Certainly not as iconic as some of her other roles (Holly Golightly, Eliza Doolittle, Sabrina Fairchild – she has them in spades) but definitely a delightful comedy that is worth a couple hours of your time.

Audrey plays the daughter of an art forger who finds herself enlisting the help of the burglar who tried to steal the inauthentic Van Gogh above their mantel. Peter O’Toole plays the role of the thief and the chemistry of their love/hate relationship jumps off the screen.

“I think my face is perfectly funny,” her character once claimed in Funny Face (a Fred Astaire musical set in Paris. It’s playing on TCM on June 26 and definitely worth a watch).  I think millions of movie fans would disagree with that statement. she also once declared that “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” I think she’d find much more consensus there. And Audrey Hepburn’s elegance is still as real as it was on her first tour around Rome.

Check out TCM’s full Audrey in June lineup here.


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